Here We Are Again

Time to dust off this corner of the internet and get writing again! I have been wanting to write so badly but haven’t been sure where to start or what to write about so I just haven’t. My mentor in grad school always told me to just start writing because sometimes you need to get the crap out of your brain before you can write what you really want to say. Getting started, and getting started again has always been the hardest part for me. My challenge certainly hasn’t ended and writing keeps me accountable so let’s give this another go!

Since the challenge ended I have kept going. I am very lucky to work at a place with a wonderful gym and lots of fitness class options. At this point, I’m a little sad to say I haven’t taken full advantage of this but I have taken a 6am yoga class, which I will be restarting again this week (come on, Friday!). We also have this awesome class called Balanced. You food journal, check in weekly, and have two fitness classes per week. It reminds me of the challenge, just at work. I’ve realized that I need that structure. I’m not someone that just goes to the gym and knows what to do. I go to the safe stuff; the treadmill, elliptical, some weight machines. I never really feel like I get a full workout and I feel a little clueless in there. Like, how do you do leg day? For the life of me, I have no idea how to begin. So, I do Balanced. It’s a small group of people who do a circuit workout and I do all of the things I wouldn’t think to do in the gym on my own. A friend/co-worker is in the class with me so it’s great to have a friendly face and someone to show up for.  At the end of the last Balanced cycle I found out I had lost 13 inches all over my body and 4 pounds. This made me feel great. That means I am officially down 12 pounds from when I started the Get Well Challenge. I’ve done it the slow and steady way and I’ve enjoyed each little milestone that I work towards.

Spring (and now summer) has sprung so for the last few months I’ve been really active in the garden. My level of activity has gone through the roof between Balanced and my work and I love that. I am outside constantly (I have the awkward tan lines to prove it) eating veggies out of the garden with the kids and teaching and learning alongside them. This time of year is pretty great for me.

Our school year ended in May and the day after Michael and I went to Savannah to visit my family and have a little vacation for a week. It was fantastic. I tried to keep active but when you are staying with your uncle who eats NO vegetables (NONE) and only processed foods some items on the naughty list slip in there. For example, ICE CREAM, my kryptonite. Every night I ate the stuff. To combat this, I went grocery shopping the day after I got there. I meal plan every time I go down because I know what awaits if I don’t. My dad isn’t much for cooking on his own so I try to make wholesome meals that satisfy and get him involved. While I was there I made a lot of recipes from a Moosewood Cookbook I got at Chop Suey. It’s their book called Lowfat Favorites. Manicotti Verde (stuffed shells filled with spinach and leeks) and veggie quesadillas were on the menu as was a roasted chicken with all the salad fixings you could want. But, activity-wise, other than 10 minutes of yoga, a (flat) nature walk, and walking around town, there was no working out. And, there really hasn’t been since then. I haven’t gone to the gym at work. I’ve done a little yoga at home but I am out of practice. Guess what? Not acceptable. Working out makes me feel good and it makes me feel strong. Just doing yard work or working in the garden won’t be all I need to accomplish my goals. So, I am picking up where I lost of pre-vacation starting tomorrow. I am remembering Katie’s advice of setting 3 small and attainable goals for the week. I am food journaling. I am getting my tush out of bed and going to the gym before work (because why would I go inside and sweat after I spend the whole workday outside sweating?). I am back!



Here are my goals for this week:

1. Get back into the habit of food journaling

2. Limit TV to a couple episodes this week (I have gone down the Scandal rabbit hole on Netflix and fear I may never come out)

3. Work on waking up earlier to make time for the gym in the morning


A few things I’m eating this week to stay on track:

1. Steel cut oats with shredded coconut, blackberries, and banana for breakfast.

2. Salad every day, either for lunch or dinner (maybe both!). Our garden is bursting and we are game to keep up by stuffing our faces with veggies every day.

3. Lentils. Lentils with BBQ sauce, lentils on a salad, lentils, lentils, lentils. I love them because they are so cheap and so filling and can go in just about anything.

4. Raspberries. Any chance I get.


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