Trading Convenience for Wellness

I took a me day yesterday. In grad school, we were given one me day per class per semester but we called it something different. We called it Global Anxiety Day (or a GAD). Luckily, this wasn’t a GAD. It was truly a day I set aside to hang out with myself and treat myself a bit.

In the morning, I went to Hand and Stone and got a massage. I was under the impression that as a first timer, a massage would be $49. Turns out it is but ONLY if you become a member. I weighed my options. We are not wealthy by any means. We have what we need and we try to keep it simple. We bought our first home in July so when there is extra cash we are usually putting it towards house stuff.

After weighing my options, I decided to take the plunge. I am now committed to getting a massage once a month for a year (poor me). It is an extra $50/month BUT. I thought about what I spend my money on. I thought about what bothers me about what I spend my money on. And then, I decided a trade needed to take place. I get breakfast on the go A LOT. My usual suspects are Starbucks (it’s on Cary, perfectly located halfway between my house and work), Panera, and of course, Ellwood’s. I looked at how much money I can sometimes spend per month on these breakfasts. The answer? A LOT. Too much. So here’s my trade. Breakfast out only in dire situations or special occasions and in exchange, that frees up some money to do this spa membership.

I realized that after I had this massage, I felt SO GOOD. I felt energized but more calm than I had felt in a long time. I felt content. I feel guilty when I buy my breakfast out, especially when it’s because I didn’t make time to make myself breakfast in the morning or I was just too lazy. I’m trading it for something that makes me feel good.

That’s sort of how I am trying to view this whole challenge. Trading the easy way out for hard work and even better rewards.

My husband came into our room the other night and told me he read one of my blog posts. He asked if we could get up early a couple times a week to take a walk around the neighborhood. I don’t know that that plan would have been set in motion without this challenge. Now we are trading a few extra minutes of shut eye for some time spent doing something healthy in the morning and we’re doing it together.


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