Losing Momentum, Gaining a Husband!

This week I did two classes and had planned to do more but by Wednesday afternoon I knew I needed to shift focus for a bit. I did Monday morning barre and Wednesday morning yoga at Om. I had a bit of a secret, though. I was getting married on Saturday and not many folks knew about it! It was practically an elopement except our parents were present. We got married yesterday at Pony Pasture, right by the river and in a meadow. It was perfect and I don’t feel a bit guilty for not working out for 4 days because now I have a husband and I had a fabulous time with my parents and now in-laws! I drank beer and ate pimento cheese knowing full well that this week I would come in refreshed and ready to go. It would be so easy to make myself feel bad about my eating choices on my wedding day but the truth of the matter is that, besides having some pumpkin beer, my food was decently healthy! I had spaghetti squash and then for my entree I had eggplant roulade and it was a sensible portion. Our wedding dessert? Three chocolate covered strawberries. No bad feelings here, just a newly married lady ready to go to barre in the morning.

It’s a little hard not to feel like I should have lost more weight at this point, but I am constantly reminding myself that this is for the long run. I lost 3 pounds last week and that was really encouraging but I felt great anyways. I am etching these new habits into my life in such a way that I will be able to keep it up beyond our challenge period. That being said, I am an eager beaver and have missed the classes these past few days, especially hot yoga. Goodness, do I love me some hot yoga. And, alongside that, I have the goal of going to two barre classes this week instead of one. And since I missed hot yoga last week I’m hoping to double up this week. Plus my normal Wednesday Om class. AND, I still really want to take my belay class. WHEW. What a week this will turn out to be. But, I’m ready to get back into the saddle.

I have been kind of slacking with my food journal. Along with going to barre twice, being more consistent with my food journal is my goal.

My other goal? Enjoy hanging out with my HUSBAND. What?! Because this, all of this, classes, food journal, and Michael, are my life. They all deserve time. And I am grateful for all of it all of the time.




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